The Suzuki Violinist (Revised)

The Suzuki Violinist (Revised)

Model: D- 13635 / 00-0605 UPC: 724258060523 ISBN: 9780874876055
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By William Starr

Category: Textbook - Instrumental (Suzuki)
Format: Book
Instrument: Violin

A comprehensive guide to the Suzuki violin literature containing many illustrations. Widely used internationally by both teachers and parents, this newly revised edition contains musical examples which have been inserted for all of the suggested exercises for ease of reference. In addition, an entirely new chapter has been added called "Practice Can Be Fun" which includes material from speeches the author has given at institutes to children, parents and teachers. There are stories on practicing which can be read to children.


  • Model: D- 13635 / 00-0605
  • Manufactured by: Alfred
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 724258060523
  • ISBN: 9780874876055
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