V-Picks Tremelo Rounded Mandolin 1.00mm, One Guitar Pick

V-Picks Tremelo Rounded Mandolin 1.00mm, One Guitar Pick

Model: V Trem R
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"I just got done playing with it. I am thrilled. I have played all the high end picks (wegen, red bear, etc.) and yours really stands apart for crisp tone and the comfortable feel / grip that allows you to really relax your right hand. Thanks." After much research and product testing, we have come up with what we feel is the best Mandolin Pick on the market today! The new V-Pick Tremolo. I'm very proud of this pick and I'm confident you will LOVE it on your mandolin! I've checked out most of the popular mandolin picks available today, and I must say, this pick will go toe-to-toe with any of them! I've experimented with many different thicknesses, sizes and shapes, and sent quite a few out to some great mandolin players for product testing as well. Most players preferred the V-Pick Tremolo over what they were currently using. These findings are what I've based our new design on. The result is a cast acrylic pick that is 1.0mm thick with just a tiny bit of flex. They are available in rounded or pointed. Fast action, full tone, louder volume, very little pick noise and the wonderful V-Pick "grippage" we're so fond of.

"I find the performance and tone of V-Picks to be extremely expressive and dynamic. Each pick has it's own anomalous qualities. My preference is the Screamer, however each individual model allows each player to articulate their own unique pick attack."
-Rodney James, SBM Staff


  • Model: V Trem R
  • Manufactured by: V-Picks
  • Condition: new

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V-Picks Tremelo Rounded Mandolin 1.00mm, One Guitar Pick