Vegas Pro 16 Edit - Professional video and audio editing | Download

Vegas Pro 16 Edit - Professional video and audio editing | Download

Model: Vegas Pro 16 Edit -SWD DISC
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Video editing with the new VEGAS Pro 16 Edit

Faster from idea to completion

For 20 years, VEGAS Pro Edit has made professional video and audio editing easy. Now version 16 includes even more innovative and creative tools. Advanced motion tracking, world-class video stabilization, dynamic storyboarding, and more will help you unleash your creativity and deliver incredible results at maximum speed.

Motion Tracking

The advanced motion tracking enables you to identify one or more objects in your video, track their position as they move through the screen, and apply special effects – such as color grading – that follow those objects. And you can easily "pin" text or video to tracked objects.

Video Stabilization

The VEGAS Pro video stabilization tool has been completely redesigned with our own state-of-the-art technology. This enables you to salvage problem footage even faster and more easily than ever.

HDR Support

Take advantage of all the modern color science of your professional cameras and monitoring gear. Deliver your projects in the HDR color space for the most stunningly life-like colors your viewers have ever seen.

360° Media Editing

VEGAS Pro 16 includes 360º templates for some of the most popular cameras. Set your project up as a 360 project, stitch dual fisheye files seamlessly, preview your file with complete 360 control, apply 360 filters, and deliver as complete 360 videos. Give your viewers a completely immersive experience with 360 video.

Professional MAGIX eFX audio

VEGAS Pro 16 includes the high-quality Essential eFX audio plug-in suite. A flexible set of tools for shaping and mastering audio, it includes plug-ins for improving the quality of your soundtrack, reducing noise, or adding special effects like delay, reverb, chorus, and much more.


Give your videos that Hollywood look! With just a few clicks, you can add the atmosphere, feel, and look of famous films, movie genres, film stocks, or particular movie-making eras to your video. Take your viewers on a journey into a whole new realm.


  • Model: Vegas Pro 16 Edit -SWD DISC
  • Manufactured by: MAGIX
  • Condition: New
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