W. A. Mozart Symphony No. 16 - K. 128 guitar quartet
W. A. Mozart Symphony No. 16 - K. 128 guitar quartet

W. A. Mozart Symphony No. 16 - K. 128 guitar quartet

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by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Arranged for Guitar Quartet
by Manley Mallard

Publication's Style: Soft Cover - Score and Parts
Pages: 24
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
General Description: Guitar Quartet

Additional Set Of Parts - $4.95 (upon special request)

Symphony No. 16 in C major (K. 128) was the first of three symphonies composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in May of 1772, when Mozart was only sixteen years old. The work is one of many written by Mozart while he stayed in Salzburg between two trips he made to Italy.

The symphony has the basic scoring of two oboes, two horns, strings, and is cast in the standard three-movement Italianate form:

I Allegro maestoso
II Andante grazioso
III Allegro

The work’s first movement, an essay in sonata-allegro form in the key of C major, sounds at first as if it is in 9/8 time, due to its use of triplets. However, as it enters the second half of the exposition section it becomes clear that the meter of this movement is actually 3/4. The development section is short and rich with modulations. With some of this developmental spirit carried over into the recapitulation, which turns out not to be perfectly literal. The oboes and horns drop out of the second movement, another essay in sonata-allegro form, that was written for the strings alone. They return for the third and final movement, again in C major, in a cheerful dance as an altered rondo form with a coda.

I’ve transposed the entire score into the key of "D" to better accommodate the range of a guitar ensemble. Also the second movement was transposed to A to keep the key structure the same. C-G-C to D-A-D. Similarly, some phrases which were outside the range of the guitar were lowered or raised an octave. In some parts, chords have been inverted to add clarity to the voicing.

Manley Mallard


  • Model: 7468 / CNP74351
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