York | King Lotvin for solo guitar

York | King Lotvin for solo guitar

Model: 12188 / GSP98
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Composer: Andrew York

as recorded by Andrew on Denouement)

"King Lotvin is a perpetuum mobile in 7/8 based around open string unisons. The title, for those who haven't already worked it out, is a cryptic reference to my editor's penchant for fermented grape juice. A good piece." - Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Another fun, well-written piece from the pen of Andrew York. The work is extremely guitaristic. This all adds up to a fine work. I highly recommend it." - Garth Baxter, Soundboard Magazine

8 pages


  • Model: 12188 / GSP98
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: New

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