77 Variations on Suzuki Melodies: Technique Builders for Viola

77 Variations on Suzuki Melodies: Technique Builders for Viola

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By William Starr

Category: String - (Suzuki) Supplementary
Format: Book
Instrument: Viola
Instrumentation: Viola
These variations on standard Suzuki melodies were written to have specific technical challenges such as vibrato, double stops, finger action, bowing techniques, shifting, harmonics, and positions. Students find great enjoyment in playing the familiar tunes in these more difficult versions.
33 May Song
Study Guide for Finger Action
34 Twinkle in D Major, triplets
35 Twinkle in D Major, triplets
40 Andantino, 16th notes
12 Twinkle in D minor
56 Twinkle in D Major, ricochet bowing
57 Allegro, rapid 2-string crossings
58 Twinkle in B-flat Major, 1st and 2nd positions
41 Twinkle in B-flat Major, 16th notes
42 Perpetual Motion, rapid triplets
43 Twinkle in G Major, 5-note trills
44 Twinkle in D Major, chromatic passage
49 Song of the Wind, octave harmonics
50 Twinkle in G Major, varied natural harmonics
51 Song of the Wind, "thrown" natural harmonics
52 Twinkle in G Major, artificial harmonics
17 Twinkle in D Major
18 Twinkle in D Major
20 Twinkle in D Major
21 Lightly Row
22 May Song
23 O Come, Little Children
36 Twinkle in D Major, triplets, intervals of 3rds and 4ths
37 Twinkle in D, 16th notes
38 Twinkle in D, single trills
39 Hunters' Chorus, 16th notes
24 Twinkle in F Major
25 Twinkle in G Major
26 Twinkle in B-flat Major
27 Twinkle in E-flat Major
28 Twinkle in D Major
59 Twinkle in E-flat Major, 1st and 2nd positions
60 Twinkle in D Major, 2nd and 3rd positions
61 Twinkle in F Major, 2nd and 3rd positions
62 Twinkle in G Major, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions
13 Allegretto -- accented vibrato
14 Twinkle in D Major
15 Song of the Wind -- accented vibrato
16 Twinkle in G Major -- vibrato in high positions
Study Guide for Shifting
63 Twinkle in D Major, rapid half-step shifts
64 Twinkle in D Major, shifts of 3rds and half steps
29 Long, Long Ago in C Major
30 Chorus from "Judas Maccabeus"
31 Etude
32 Waltz -- Brahms
Study Guide for Selected Bowing Techniques
53 Twinkle in D Major, tremolo
54 Allegro, 2-string crossings, moderate speed
55 Allegro, rapid, slurred 3-4 string crossings
9 Long, Long Ago in C Major
10 Lightly Row
11 Twinkle in E-flat Major, 2nd Position
75 Twinkle in D, Variation X
76 Twinkle in D, Variation Y
77 Twinkle in D, Variation Z
45 Theme from "Witches' Dance" -- Paganini, trills
46 Twinkle in D Major, rapid scale passages
47 Twinkle in F Major, rapid scale passages
48 Twinkle in E-flat Major, rapid scale passages
3 Go Tell Aunt Rhody
4 Twinkle in G Major
5 Allegretto
6 Long, Long Ago in D Major
7 Etude
70 Etude
71 Perpetual Motion
72 Allegro
73 Andantino
8 Twinkle in D Major
74 Twinkle in D, Variation W
65 Twinkle in D Major, arpeggios, 1st to 3rd and 4th positions
Study Guide for Vibrato
1 Lightly Row
2 Twinkle in D Major
66 Twinkle in D Major, rapid shifts of 3rds and 4ths
67 Twinkle in D Major, 1st, 3rd, and 4th positions with shifts
68 Twinkle in D Major, rapid chromatic passages
69 Twinkle in D Major, 3-octave arpeggios
19 Go Tell Aunt Rhody


  • Model: D- 13639 / 00-0795
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  • UPC: 654979014300
  • ISBN: 9780874877953
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