Ahlert | Quatuor pour mandolines for 4 mandolins
Ahlert | Quatuor pour mandolines for 4 mandolins

Ahlert | Quatuor pour mandolines for 4 mandolins

Model: DZ 3872 UPC: 9782897957896 ISBN: 9782897957896
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Composer: Daniel Ahlert
Model: DZ 3872
Instrumentation: 4 mandolins
Level: Intermediate
20 pages + separate parts
Publisher: d'Oz Publications

4 Mandolins Sheet Music

Who better to write music for mandolin than a mandolinist? Introducing Daniel Ahlert, who is dedicated to both playing and creating music for the mandolin. He has worked with composers from across the world to help him realize his vision of more music for the diminutive member of the lute family.

Particularly absent in the field are pieces for mandolin ensembles. Here Ahlert has created a piece for a mandolin quartet. It’s just one of the more than 30 he’s written (so far). Is it the best? We’ll let you decide.

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  • Model: DZ 3872
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782897957896
  • ISBN: 9782897957896
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