Albert | Detour CD

Albert | Detour CD

Model: DZ 2640 CD UPC: 9782897375577 ISBN: 9782897375577
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Composer: Albert, Benoit
DZ 2640
ISBN: 978-2-89737-557-7

Jerome Simonpoli, oboe and English horn
Christophe Geiller, violin and viola
Emmanuel Ferran, clarinet and bass clarinet
Benoit Albert, guitar

DETOUR, recorded in 2008, is one hour of non-stop music built around four main pieces composed between 2003 and 2008: Trio’ze (Trio), Sofia Buenos-Aires (Duo), Five Four Tango (Quartet), and Ardhana Kali (Quartet). In order to achieve a continuous flow of music, each main piece is linked to the other by a "Conduit," a short solo piece blending the musical materials and creating a bridge between two musical continents.

This program is the reflection of my imagination of music from different cultures and parts of the world: south America, eastern Europe, India etc. without forgetting my own western European musical culture.

My deepest and sincere thanks to Jerome Simonpoli, Christophe Geiller and Emmanuel Ferran for their talent and their constant support. This CD is dedicated to them.

Benoit Albert
Agen, March 2016


  • Model: DZ 2640 CD
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 9782897375577
  • ISBN: 9782897375577
Albert | Detour CD