Andres Segovia and his Contemporaries Vol. 10 (1 DVD / 2 CDs)

Andres Segovia and his Contemporaries Vol. 10 (1 DVD / 2 CDs)

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DVD & 2 CDs, Andres Segovia and Jose Rey de la Torre

A wonderful DVD of extremely rare television appearances made in 1957 and 1962 by Rey de la Torre (and a brief appearance by Carlos Montoya) featuring the following:
Rey de la Torre: Variations on a Theme from the Magic Flute (Sor); Montoya: Taranta (flamenco); Rey de la Torre: 3 pieces by Robert de Visee from suite in d; Montoya: Buleria, Solea (flamenco); Rey de la Torre: Homage a Debussy (Manuel de Falla)
Pavane (Luis Milan); Study in Bm (Fernando Sor) Fandanguillo (Turina); Asturias-Leyenda (Albeniz) Choros 1 & Etude 11 (Heitor Villa-Lobos)

The 2 CDs feature the early-recordings of the legendary Cuban-American guitarist, Jose Rey de la Torre. This release comprises Rey's first three long-playing recordings (1945-1950) in their entirety, along with Andres Segovia's complete rare 1955 Decca issue "Masters of the Guitar". All of the performances are devoted to the works of Fernando Sor and Francisco Tarrega, the two seminal figures in the development of the modern classical guitar. The works of these guitarist-composers have formed the backbone of the technical and artistic formation of guitarists for well over a century. Rey's recordings are particularly significant. His recording of many of Sor's most important etudes was by far the earliest and his performances of them remain musically among the most beautiful and accomplished ever set to disc. Equally important are his renderings of the little-performed Tarrega preludes "exquisite miniatures" and the ubiquitous warhorses (Recuerdos, Lagrima, Adelita, and the like), not only for their artistic merit, but also for the fact that his interpretations come in a direct line of descent from Tarrega himself by way of Rey's maestro, Miguel Llobet, Tarrega's finest student. These recordings also allow listeners a clear contrast between the two dominant traditions of classical guitar performance in the twentieth century -one line descending directly from Tarrega, the other from Segovia. Legendary Treasures
Performers: Andres Segovia & Jose Rey de la Torre

1. Prelude for guitar No. 1 2. Prelude for guitar No. 2
3. Prelude for guitar No. 3
4. Prelude for guitar No. 4
5. Prelude for guitar No. 5
6. Prelude for guitar No. 6
7. Prelude for guitar No. 7
8. Prelude for guitar No. 11
9. Prelude for guitar No. 9
10. Prelude for guitar No. 10
11. Prelude for guitar No. 8
12. Recuerdos de la Alhambra
13. Adelita, mazurka for guitar
14. Marieta, mazurka for guitar
15. Minueto for guitar
16. Work(s): Mazurka
17. Etudes (24), for guitar
18. Etudes (24), for guitar
19. Etudes (24), for guitar
20. Etudes (24), for guitar
21. Etudes (24), for guitar
22. Etudes (24), for guitar
23. Etudes (24), for guitar
24. Etudes (24), for guitar
25. Etudes (24), for guitar
26. Etudes (24), for guitar
27. Etudes (24), for guitar
28. Etudes (24), for guitar
29. Etudes (24), for guitar
30. Sonata for guitar in C major
31. Sonata for guitar in C major
32. Sonata for guitar in C major
33. Sonata for guitar in C major
34. Introduction, Theme & Variations
35. Minuet for guitar in D major
36. Minuet for guitar in A major
37. Etude for guitar in B minor
38. Etude for guitar in B flat
39. Etude for guitar in A major
40. Grand Solo for guitar, Op
41. Minuet for guitar in A major
42. Minuet for guitar in E major
43. Progressive Studies (25)
44. Progressive Studies (25)
45. Progressive Studies (25)
46. Progressive Studies (25)
47. Etude for guitar No. 20
48. Marieta, mazurka for guitar
49. Prelude for guitar No. 5
50. Prelude for guitar No. 2
51. Maria, gavotte for guitar
52. Mazurka for guitar in G major
53. Adelita, mazurka for guitar
54. Capricho arabe, for guitar
55. Recuerdos de la Alhambra


  • Model: 3076 / DHR-7854-6
  • Manufactured by: Naxos
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 723721061654

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