Basic Music Theory (4th edition) by Jonathan Harnum

Basic Music Theory (4th edition) by Jonathan Harnum

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Basic Music Theory (4th edition) by Jonathan Harnum

Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music (4th edition)

What do all those lines and squiggles and dots mean? Basic Music Theory takes you through the sometimes confusing world of written music with a clear, concise style that is at times funny and always friendly. The book is written by an experienced teacher using methods refined over more than ten years in his private teaching studio and in schools. Lessons are short, well-paced and enjoyable. Whether you're a beginner of any age, whether you're an experienced player who wants to bone up on your theory, or whether you teach music and need a fun way to do it, you'll find this book valuable and will refer to it again and again.

You'll discover how easy it is to:
- Absorb skills quickly and efficiently with easy lessons designed by a seasoned teacher.
- Discover the symbols used in written music.
- Understand the terms musicians use.
- Understand how to use the piano keyboard and the guitar fretboard.
- Use memory devices to learn terms and symbols.
- Use the included study guides to remember it all.
- Apply what you've absorbed with short, easy Practical Use sections at the end of each Chapter.

With Interludes On:
- Topics Include: how to practice, equipment, how to improve, ear training, listening, private teachers.
- Conducting. What does all that arm-waving mean? How does it help? Find the answers and learn how!
- Many musical terms are in Italian. Find out what they are and what they mean in this section.
- Ultra-brief, non-boring history of music notation.

Special Features:
- Piano Keyboard w/ Note Names
- Guitar Fingerboard w/ Note Names
- Practice Aids
- Staff Paper
- Specially Designed Reviews
- Practical Use Exercises
- Extensively Cross-Referenced Musical Terms Dictionary Book Index


  • Model: 8324 / BN751287
  • Manufactured by: Barnes&Noble
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781492831631
  • ISBN: 9781492831631

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