Beethoven & MacDowell | Fur Elise - To a Wild Rose for flute/guitar

Beethoven & MacDowell | Fur Elise - To a Wild Rose for flute/guitar

Model: 13394 / PF011
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Composers: Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827) Edward MacDowell (1861-1908)
Edit and Arrangement by Reed Desrosiers
Instrumentation: Guitar and Flute
2 Complete scores of each pieces
Binding: Performance-Friendly Edition
Publisher: Granite Lake Music

Fur Elise by L.V. Beethoven: 2 complete scores, 4 pages each; separated parts, 2 pages each
To a Wild Rose by Edward MAcDowell: 2 complete scores only, 2 pages each score

Absolutely not one note or voicing changed from the piano originals. One ossai if needed.

Performance-Friendly Editions:

Editions edited, arranged and formatted by a gigging guitarist for other gigging guitarists. Superior concert-grade works formatted to eliminate the need for memorization and eliminate the hassles of most other editions.

Each Performance-Friendly Edition eliminates the need for/or provides for:

• Time-proven editions that cut it inside and out--powerful, correct-key scorings
• All editions come with 2 complete scores
• No need for photo-copying anything
• Editions with three or more score pages come with individual parts
• All pages are in loose-leaf format for flexible mounting
• Every page is printed on 24# linen, non-glare paper
• Printing scale is never less than 26 and usually 28
Eliminates the need to buy ʻa book for a pieceʼ
Lightens the play book
Saves you prep time so you can practice more (okay, so thatʼs a stretch)
Quality editions you can count on--and that is no stretch
Editing/Fingerings are clear and precise---ALWAYS


  • Model: 13394 / PF011
  • Manufactured by: Desrosiers, Reed
  • Condition: New
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