Burgess | The Serious Guitarist: Left-Hand Techniques

Burgess | The Serious Guitarist: Left-Hand Techniques

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Until now, serious rock, blues, and jazz guitarists have not had a book devoted entirely to the left hand. The Serious Guitarist: Left-Hand Techniques fills this gap with a unique, dedicated approach to proper left-hand position and dexterity that you've always been looking for. Learn the most effective approach to left-hand technique, and discover ways to increase efficiency when you move up and down the guitar neck. Lessons are organized progressively---one technique lays a foundation for the next---and featured are exercises that have been thoughtfully developed into musical ideas and licks to give a clear example of how you can incorporate the techniques into your own playing. This way, you will be playing music, not just exercises. The included companion CD features demonstrations of the examples in the book.

A Few Words About Practice
Left-Hand Concepts
Making It Musical
Left-Hand Position
Pressure and Release
The Principle of Simultaneous Release
Using a Metronome
Chromatic Exercises
Odd Groupings
Make It Musical
Two-String Exercises
Make It Musical
Double Stops and the Barre
Make It Musical
Slurred Notes
Make It Musical
Stretch Exercises
Make It Musical
Odds and Ends
Musical Pieces
Final Thoughts


  • Model: 15343 / 00-42863
  • Manufactured by: Alfred
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 038081486345
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