Chapdelaine | Mexico (Music of Manuel Ponce) CD

Chapdelaine | Mexico (Music of Manuel Ponce) CD

Model: D- 6229 / mexico UPC: 605761200326
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Mexico, music of Manuel Ponce - Michael Chapdelaine guitar (1999)

In 1992 he recorded the Sonata Romantica CD, (now re-released as "Mexico"), which many critics and connoisseurs of classical guitar consider to be one of the definitive recordings for the instrument. Acoustic Guitar magazine wrote "... if I were marooned on a desert island with a limited selection of recordings, this one would be among my choices...I have seldom heard a more beautiful album. Other young guitarists have excellent technique, but few have such style and musicality, and Chapdelaine's beautiful tone is the nearest to Segovia's that I can recall."

1. Theme Varie et Finale...8:30

Sonata Romanitica
2. allegro moderator...7:42
3. andante espressivo...5:33
4. allegretto vivo...3:08
5. allegro non troppo...6:44

Sonata III
6. allegro moderato...7:03
7. chanson...3:00
8. allegro non troppo...4:44

Sonatina Meridional
9. camp...4:48
10. copla...2:36
11. fiesta...2:44

total time 56:33


  • Model: D- 6229 / mexico
  • Manufactured by: Chapdelaine
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 605761200326

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