Children's ErgoPlay Tappert Guitar Support, Left Handed

Children's ErgoPlay Tappert Guitar Support, Left Handed

Model: Tappert_Child_LH UPC: NA
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  • Mount Type: Suction Cups
  • Lift in inches: 2.5" - 5.75"
  • Orientation: LH
  • Fits In Case: No

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Using the children’s model of the ErgoPlay Tappert guitar support helps your child achieve a comfortable playing position that’s also ergonomically correct. And adjustment options on the support allow it to “grow” with your child.

This model is designed for children’s guitars that have bodies between 72mm and 87mm wide. Left Handed Children who play adult guitars can use the regular Tappert, Left Handed.

The primary difference between the child and adult versions of the support is the length of the base that rests on the leg. The children’s version is 1.5 inches shorter, making it more comfortable for young players.

The support attaches to the guitar with three suction cups. It comes with two semi-permanent suction cup protectors with adhesive backings. Only two protectors are needed because two of the suction cups are close together and share a protector.

The maximum height of the children’s version is just 1/4 inch less than the adult version, and the lowest setting is 1/2 inch lower. At the lowest setting, the ErgoPlay Tappert children's model provides lift of 2.5 inches (minimum angle) to 3.5 inches (steep angle). At the highest setting, the support provides lift of about 4.75 inches (minimum angle) to 5.75 inches (steep angle).

A slotted connection between the two halves of the support for the upper bout offers lots of options for tilting the guitar toward the child. You also can adjust the height of the guitar's upper bout.

In testing at Strings By Mail, we found that you can achieve an angle ranging from slight to very steep by adjusting the support's front leg.

We recommend that detachable accessories such as supports be removed from the guitar after every use. In addition, this support should not be used until the guitar’s finish has cured for at least six months.

Certain guitar finishes, like French Polishes, require suction cup protectors like the Kling-On SP-2P-C, which aids in suction cup strength.This product uses a light, non-permanent adhesion.


  • Model: Tappert_Child_LH
  • Manufactured by: Ergoplay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: NA
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