Core-Bond Medium Tension .0115 Electric Guitar Strings

Core-Bond Medium Tension .0115 Electric Guitar Strings

Model: N0115CB
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Core-Bond Electric Guitar strings

Core-Bond Medium Tension .0115 N0115CB

.0115, .0145, .0185, .0285, .0385, .0485

CORE-BOND™ Technology increases a string’s tone life by eliminating the chance of core-to-wrap slippage. As a string is tuned to pitch and vibrates during use, the core wire will stretch slightly allowing movement of the outside wrap wire to slip. Over time, this will cause the coupling to become compromised and therefore the string effectively starts going dead. The CORE-BOND™ activation phase is to submerge the string in our proprietary treatment bath that activates the inner bond to the core with the wrap wire. With CORE-BOND™ Technology, guitarists benefit from increased string life. The strings will stay fresher for longer without any loss in tone quality over time – ensuring reliable performance.


  • Model: N0115CB
  • Manufactured by: Black Diamond
  • Condition: New
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