Corr | Guitar Academy Book 1 with online audio

Corr | Guitar Academy Book 1 with online audio

Model: 7248 / corrBK1 / 274916 ISBN: 9780955274916
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"one of the best [tutor books] I have ever seen..."
-Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine

The book is made up of three parts:

  1. A classical guitar tutor
  2. Ensemble supplement
  3. Song/chord tutor

Guitar Academy Book 1 is the first in a series of books, which together represent the most complete method for learning guitar available today. Written to reflect prevailing views on good instrumental teaching, it combines techniques from both the classical and pop/folk traditions. There is certainly no other tutor that is so wide ranging and holistic in its approach, or one that includes all the important subject areas – music reading, repertoire, technique, theory, songs/chords, improvisation & composition, ensemble, and ear training – in a single volume. The method has been thoroughly tested in the classroom and has proven successful with both children and adults. The clear explanations, illustrations, and online audio make this an ideal tutor for individual and self-tuition.

  • A thorough introduction to music reading and theory
  • Line drawings to illustrate correct technique
  • Pupil/teacher duets
  • Well known and accessible tunes
  • Original compositions
  • Many exercises and written tests  
  • Ear training: playing by ear, identifying intervals,
  • Major/minor chords, and time signatures – with associated online tests

"The Guitar Academy series is a well-thought out set of learning materials designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for the beginning guitarist. One of the great things about this series is that it can be used by a teacher and student, in a classroom setting or by a student on their own, and the learning experience will not be diminished in any fashion. Hats off to Corr for putting together such a successful series of books, and for expanding the options students have for learning materials as they begin their journey to learning this great instrument."
By: Matt Warnock, Guitar International book review.

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  • Model: 7248 / corrBK1 / 274916
  • Manufactured by: Corr, Richard
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780955274916

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