Custom Customer Concoction | Clear, Articulate and Warm

Custom Customer Concoction | Clear, Articulate and Warm

Model: C3 CAW
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: High
  • Bass Set Material: Silver Plated
  • Treble Set Material: Mixed Material


Clear, Articulate & Warm Custom Set:

1st: D’Addario Rectified Nylon E String (high tension) J3101
2nd: D’Addario Rectified Nylon B String (high tension) J3102
3rd: D’Addario Pro Arte Composite G string (high tension) J4603C
4th: Augustine Regal Blue 4th string (D) high tension
5th: Augustine Regal Blue 5th string (A) high tension
6th: Augustine Regal Blue 6th string (E) high tension

Guitar they are they played on:
2004 Kenny Hill Munich built in Felton, CA. Spruce/Indian Rosewood.
[Ask Mr. Hill about this guitar when in Louisville. I jokingly asked him if her remembered it when we were in Charleston last year. He laughed then looked at it and said “I DO remember this guitar!”]
Hear the guitar and those strings!

Creator: Harry George Pellegrin

Creator Description: I use the rectified D’Addario trebles because I perspire heavily when I play – the texture of the string is kind of like a built-in rosin bag. The composite G string matches the texture as well as contributes a slightly brighter sound than the normal rectified G does. The Augustine basses are a bit warmer than the D’Addario Pro Arte basses (though I use them interchangeably.) With my Hill, this set gives an amazingly warm and rich tone—yet allows great flexibility in timber with a simple adjustment of nail angle. Very expressive. Volume is wonderful.

If you would like your own custom set, please see the heading of each category for details.


  • Model: C3 CAW
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail C3
  • Condition: New

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