Custom Customer Concoction | Darrick's Lucky 13s

Custom Customer Concoction | Darrick's Lucky 13s

Model: C3 Lucky 13
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Extra Heavy+
  • Full Set Material: Nickel Plated
  • Winding: Round Wound
  • Core: Hex
  • Full Set by 1st string gauge: 0.013
  • Full Set by last string gauge: 0.062


Darrick's Lucky 13s

1st: E - NYS013
2nd: B - NYS017
3rd: G - NYS020
4th: D - NYXL036
5th: A - NYXL046
6th: E - NYXL062

Guitar they are they played on: 2012 PRS DGT Mahogany neck and body, rosewood fretboard

Creator Description:
I am a very heavy player (style not genre) and I play in standard E tuning. Because of my aggressive approach, I need a string that bites back. I use 1.5mm plectrums and the Eric Johnson signature plectrums by Dunlop as well. I chose this combo because for years I've been buying multiple packs to build this exact set. I have my guitar action relatively high and use big/tall frets. This combo feels like home.

Player Name: Darrick Dixon

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  • Model: C3 Lucky 13
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail C3
  • Condition: New
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