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Custom Customer Concoction | Montagnana Sleeping Beauty (Cello)

Custom Customer Concoction | Montagnana Sleeping Beauty (Cello)

Model: C3 MSB
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Montagnana Sleeping Beauty

A: D'Addario Kaplan Cello A 4/4 Medium Tension KS511 4/4M
D: D'Addario Kaplan Cello D 4/4 Medium Tension KS512 4/4M, Single String
G: D'Addario Kaplan Cello G 4/4 Medium Tension KS513 4/4M, Single String
C: Thomastik-Infeld Siprocore Cello C Tungsten 4/4 Scale, Single S33

Instrument they are they played on:
Montagnana Sleeping Beauty 1739 copy

Creator Description:
"The A, D and G-strings are D'Addario Kaplan Mediums, and the C-string is Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten medium. My cello is a Montagnana Sleeping Beauty 1739 copy, made entirely by master luthier Elon Howe of Newaygo, Michigan. Top wood is fine-grain spruce from British Columbia, with the ribs, neck/scroll, and one-piece back from a Michigan-grown Red Maple (Acer Rubrum). The one-piece back is especially unique and beautiful given that the Montagnana pattern instruments are wider than other models of celli. The tree from which the wood was harvested had grown adjacent to the southern end of the Manistee National Forest in Newaygo County, near Fremont, Michigan. These strings are a great combination of warmth, power and projection which bring out the juicy sweet top-end of the cello's range, as well as the earthy and choclatey bass end of the range."

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  • Model: C3 MSB
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail C3
  • Condition: New
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