Custom Customer Concoction | SKator Traphagen Classical Set

Custom Customer Concoction | SKator Traphagen Classical Set

Model: C3 SK
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SKator Traphagen Set Custom Set:

1st: D'Addario Pro Arte J4301 - 1st string (e) light tension .0275
2nd: D'Addario Pro Arte J4502 - 2nd string (b) normal tension .0322
3rd: D'Addario Pro Arte J4503 - 3rd string (g), normal tension .0403
4th: D'Addario Composite J4604C - 4th string (D), hard tension .029
5th: D'Addario Composite J4605C - 5th string (A), hard tension .036
6th: D'Addario Composite J4606C - 6th string (E), hard tension .046

Guitar they are they played on:
2005 Traphagen classical guitar, cedar top. Its model number is handwritten as "B.I.C". The guitar looks very much like the current "Standard Model" classical guitar one can find on the Dake Traphagen's website.

Creator: anonymous

Creator Description:
We designed this string set to match the guitar's characteristics. The guitar projects very well with excellent balance between the bass and treble strings. For performance purposes, we found the high tension Pro Arte bass set was a bit brighter and projected a bit further. The treble strings projected fine with either high or normal tension, but we liked the normal tension tone better. The guitar naturally has a big and "fat" (not thin) treble sound. For more expressiveness on the treble end, we dropped down to normal tension for the G and B string, and light tension for the high E string. We found the light tension E string adds expressiveness for Spanish and Romantic pieces and the guitar still projects well enough with the thinner high E string. The mix works quite well for this guitar.

If you would like your own custom set, please see the heading of each category for details.


  • Model: C3 SK
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail
  • Condition: new
Custom Customer Concoction | SKator Traphagen Classical Set