Custom Customer Concoction | True Feel Set 10's

Custom Customer Concoction | True Feel Set 10's

Model: C3 TFS
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Extra Light+
  • Full Set Material: Nickel Plated
  • Winding: Round Wound
  • Core: Hex


True Feel Set 10's:

1st E: D'Addario PL0095 Plain Steel Ball End .0095 in. (.24 mm)
2nd B: D'Addario PL013 Plain Steel Ball End .013 in. (.33 mm)
3rd G: D'Addario PL017 Plain Steel Ball End .017 in. (.43 mm)
4th D: D'Addario NW026 Nickel Wound .026 inches (.66 mm)
5th A: D'Addario NW036 Nickel Wound .036 inches (.91 mm)
6th E: D'Addario NW049 Nickel Wound .049 inches (1.24 mm)

Guitar they are they played on: Schecter Omen 6 Extreme, 2008 Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood
Any guitar with 24.75" or 25.5" Scale in Standard E will be perfect for this set

Creator: Pedro Soares

Creator Description:
If you've ever played a pack of 10's you know that the High E feels too stiff and is hard to bend and the Low E feels too loose. The case is worse when you play sets for 7 string guitars. I addressed this issue and created a set in which all the strings feel exactly the same, correcting all the badly created sets.

The way to achieve this is progressive tension, not balanced tension like D'Addario has mentioned. You see, the lower the note, the slightly higher tension a string needs to be, in order to feel and sound the same. In this case, I picked a pack of 10s and switched the 10 with a 9.5 and the 46 with a 49, making the guitar perfectly balanced. The most important thing about this set is that your Low E String will no longer sound muddy and ruin your intonation, and at the same time, your High E will bend normally, unlike the E supplied in normal sets. There is a barrier of tradition that makes people skeptical to try a set like this, they think the High strings will be too loose and the Low Strings too tight but in fact, they wont, they will FEEL and SOUND exactly the same. I urge you to try this set, your guitar will have more punch, less intonation problems, more stable sound and at the same time feel much, much better.

If you would like your own custom set, please see the heading of each category for details.


  • Model: C3 TFS
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail
  • Condition: new
Custom Customer Concoction | True Feel Set 10's