Cutting | Five Pieces arr. by Brian Jeffery for solo guitar

Cutting | Five Pieces arr. by Brian Jeffery for solo guitar

Model: TECLA 0792
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These five pieces were originally composed for the lute, and have here been transcribed for the guitar by Brian Jeffery from the original tablature. The collection was previously published by Oxford University Press and has now been assigned to Tecla Editions.

(Note: this is simple A4 sheet music, without cover).

Cutting's Comfort
Pavane Sans Pair

These five pieces have been chosen from the many lute solos by the Elizabethan composer Francis Cutting. We know very little about him, and he probably lived and worked outside London, but his elegant and expressive music speaks for itself. More of it may be found in Martin Long’s edition: Francis Cutting, Selected Works for Lute (Oxford University Press, 1969).

This collection is one of a series of seven titles originally published by Oxford University Press, all of them lute music arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery.

The seven titles in the series, now all available from Tecla, are:

Renaissance Popular Music (TECLA 0791)
Francis Cutting- Five Pieces (TECLA 0792)
John Dowland- Four Pieces (TECLA 0793)
John Dowland- Four More Pieces (TECLA 0794)
Anthony Holborne- Five Pieces (TECLA 0795)
Francis Pilkington- Five Pieces (TECLA 0796)
Six Elizabethan duets arranged for two guitars (TECLA 0797)

First published by Tecla in 1995.
This is music from the era of Shakespeare.


  • Model: TECLA 0792
  • Manufactured by: Tecla
  • Condition: New

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