de Lhoyer | 3 Sonatas for Guitar and Violin Op.18 (parts)

de Lhoyer | 3 Sonatas for Guitar and Violin Op.18 (parts)

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Composer: Antoine de Lhoyer
Instrumentation: Guitar, Violin
32 pages, plus separate part for violin
For advanced performers

De Lhoyer's biography spans Europe, from his birth in France to his years in Russia and back again. It was during his connections with the Russian imperial court that he wrote his Three Sonatas, although the exact date is uncertain, for the five-string guitar and violin.

Editor Ophee provides an excellent overview of the composer and work, along with notes for both parts. He notes the use of the Italian two-movement sonata form, in which each opening leads to a "more lively second movement."

The three sonatas use the Italian two movement sonata form where the opening movement is followed by a more lively second movement. Thus, Sonata I, in D Major, opens with a Moderato movement which is followed by Vivace movement on the Chasse (La caccia) theme, a theme that has been used by many composers since about the fourteenth century. Sonata II in d minor opens with an Allegro Moderato movement, followed by a brief D Major Adagio, which leads into a fiery Vivace in d minor. Sonata III is back in again in D Major, with a Moderato opening movement followed by a Rondo allegro which uses a typical Haydnesque theme. Of particular interest is the theme of the Allegro moderato movement of Sonata II. It is a partial quotation of a Russian song that achieved wide popularity already during the last decades of the eighteenth century.
A full score is available separately. (EICM-25a).


  • Model: 13401 / 494-02947
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