Duo Montagnard (guitar & sax) | Messengers CD

Duo Montagnard (guitar & sax) | Messengers CD

Model: D- 12392 / messengers CD
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Song Title

1. Messengers 9:40
2. Les Trois Soeurs: I. Water 3:40
3. Les Trois Soeurs: II. Air 4:06
4. Les Trois Soeurs: III. Rock 2:55
5. Storyteller's Anthem 3:54
6. Before Clocks Ceased Their Chiming 5:39
7. Tableaux Vivants: I. Agitato 3:01
8. Tableaux Vivants: II. Allegro piacevole 4:54
9. Tableaux Vivants: III. Allegro Marcato 2:59
10. Tableaux Vivants: IV. Recitativo senza misura 3:35
11. Tableaux Vivants: V. Raccogliendo 1:36
12. Tableaux Vivants: VI. Presto 3:05
13. Nicht Akzeptiert 2:29
14. Sonatina: I. Allegretto 2:43
15. Sonatina: II. Allegretto "with a jazz feel" 2:12
16. Sonatina: III. Vivo 1:46

Total Length: 58:14

Original Release Date: August 2, 2011
Label: Duo Montagnard

Joseph Murphy, saxophone
Matthew Slotkin, guitar

Premiere Recordings of New Music by James Crowley, George Daravelis, Shane Endsley, John Anthony Lennon, Charles Stolte, and Andrew Walters

Duo Montagnard was formed in 2002 and has performed over 200 concerts in more than 40 states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Slovenia, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Festival performances include the Chautauqua Institution, Scandinavian Saxophone Festival, Hartwick College Summer Music Festival, UNC-Wilmington New Music for Guitar and Saxophone Festival, and the Alexandria Guitar Festival. Programs include compositions by Robert Beaser, Chick Corea, Jacques Ibert, David Kechley, Astor Piazzolla, Maurice Ravel, Terry Riley, Roberto Sierra, Toru Takemitsu, Ralph Towner, and Heitor Villa-Lobos. Recent commissions include pieces by John Anthony Lennon, Jonathan Elliott, John Orfe, James Crowley, George Daravelis, and Charles Stolte. Recent performances include festivals in Portugal and Denmark, concerts and clinics in Argentina, and a tour of the Northwestern U.S.


  • Model: D- 12392 / messengers CD
  • Manufactured by: Slotkin, Matthew
  • Condition: New
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