Effets Mer - for 7 Guitars

Effets Mer - for 7 Guitars

Model: DZ 2612 UPC: 9782897375294 ISBN: 9782897375294
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As a maritime allegory, the Effets mer book describes some aspects of the condition of the sea. Peace, lightness, plenitude oscillate with tension, tumult and crash.

The alternation of fingers, the chord tamboras, pizzicati and glissandi effects will contribute to this aquatic sensation. This septet of guitars will require the development of a water lapping effect.

Furthermore, a guitar will have to be prepared by means of a paperclip which is fixed to the 3rd string in front of the rosette.

Composer: Meneret, Laurent
DZ 2612
ISBN : 978-2-89737-529-4
16 p. + separated parts

Effets mer


  • Model: DZ 2612
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 9782897375294
  • ISBN: 9782897375294
Effets Mer - for 7 Guitars