ErgoPlay Troster Guitar Support, Left-Handed Model

ErgoPlay Troster Guitar Support, Left-Handed Model

Model: Troster_LH UPC: 4038273800146
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  • Mount Type: Suction Cups
  • Lift in inches: 5" - 8"
  • Orientation: LH
  • Fits In Case: No

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The Troster (Troester) is ErgoPlay’s most stable, most adjustable guitar support. Because it raises the instrument about 2 inches higher than other ErgoPlay supports, it’s particularly appropriate for taller guitarists. However, it’s also versatile enough to work for players of the lute, mandolin, bouzouki, oud, and saz. At Strings By Mail, we’ve found that this support is very stable and works particularly well on the right leg.

Four upgraded suction cups attach the support to the guitar for maximum stability. It comes with semi-permanent suction cup protectors.

The Troster has three major structural features that differentiate it from other ErgoPlay supports:

  • You can separately adjust the height of the lower and upper bouts of your guitar.
  • You can separately adjust the lower and upper bouts for rake, or tilt toward your body. This reduces stress against the lower suction cups.
  • The platform that rests on the leg is 4 inches shorter than on other supports from the company. This allows some adjustment of the angle of the guitar without changing the length of the support’s legs. Adjusting the steepness this way also slightly shifts the relative right-to-left position of the guitar. A flatter angle moves the guitar slightly to the player’s left, and a steeper angle moves it slightly to the player’s right.

If you want greater control over your guitar's angle, simply adjust the support's front or rear legs. Our testing found that this allows you to achieve virtually any angle - from the neck being almost parallel to the ground to the head stock pointing up at a relatively steep angle.

At its lowest setting, the support provides lift of about 5 inches (steep angle) to 6 inches (minimum angle). At the highest setting, it offers lift of about 7 inches (steep angle) to 8 inches (minimum angle).

This model of the ErgoPlay Troster is for left-handed guitarists. A model for right-handed players is also available.

Before using this support, be sure that your guitar’s finish has cured for at least six months. In addition, we recommend that you remove the support and similar detachable accessories from your guitar after each use.

Certain guitar finishes, like French Polishes, require suction cup protectors like the Kling-On SP-2P-C, which aids in suction cup strength.This product uses a light, non-permanent adhesion.


  • Model: Troster_LH
  • Manufactured by: Ergoplay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 4038273800146

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