Eric Lammers Plays Annette Kruisbrink CD
Eric Lammers Plays Annette Kruisbrink CD

Eric Lammers Plays Annette Kruisbrink CD

Model: DZ 3743 UPC: 9782897956608 ISBN: 9782897956608
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Composer: Annette Kruisbrink
Performer: Eric Lammers
"Eric Lammers Plays Annette Kruisbrink"
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Eight works by one composer, and yet this CD is enormously varied in music styles, emotions, effects, and techniques used. This is of course to be expected for those familiar with the works of composer Annette Kruisbrink. Eric Lammers knows how to express every style and emotion in an extraordinarily natural way. An excellent guitarist, an excellent recording! The CD opens with Six Pavanillas, with influences from a.o. vihuela music, a thumb piano from Cameroon, free style flamenco. In the Sephardic prayer Oracion Sefardí, Lammers beautifully expresses an imaginary Sephardic landscape. In Jimnastics, the performer is dealing with a true technical workout! Keramix, a tribute to Witold Lutosławski, consists of six short movements. Kruisbrink, who studied classical North Indian music, based several of her compositions on Indian ragas. In Raganana the tempo progression is like in a raga; Vilambit laya (slow pace) - Madhya laya (medium pace) - Drut laya (fast pace). With its whimsical structure and the extravagant expression of feelings, Rose Hip Rhapsody is a challenging adventure. The masterfully written three-movement Sonata 44 is truly of great beauty! Actually, this impressive work cannot be expressed in words! The CD ends with Nocturnal, dedicated to Eric Lammers. The silence of the night is presented in a slow introduction. A mysterious darkness develops after which the nocturnal atmosphere ends with a contrasting finale.

track 4 - Seis Pavanillas - La Sanza

track 7 - Oración Sefardí

track 8 - Jimnastics

track 12 - Keramix - part 4

track 15 - Raganana

track 16 - Rose Hip Rhapsody

track 17 - Sonata 44 - 1. Moderato

track 18 - Sonata 44 - 2. Lento

track 19 - Sonata 44 - 3. Vivace

track 20 - Nocturnal


  • Model: DZ 3743
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782897956608
  • ISBN: 9782897956608
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