Essays on Guitar History by Matanya Ophee

Essays on Guitar History by Matanya Ophee

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Essays on Guitar History
by Matanya Ophee

"This book contains a selection of magazine articles I published over the last forty years, as well as a couple of articles that were never published. I now know a lot more about certain subjects than I did when some of these articles were published and in using this material today, it became imperative to update it, correcting some of the mistakes I made in the past and adding new and relevant data. One of the significant updates in this volume is the complete translation from Russian of the guitar related material in the memoirs of Nikolai Petrovich Makarov (1810-1890).

Considering the challenges to some of my past arguments and data made over the years by colleagues that I found mistaken and unwarranted, I have taken the opportunity to restate some of my old contentions while explaining my reasons for doing so.

The book contains a rather extensive number of translations from French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian sources. Unless otherwise stated, all translations are mine. To facilitate reading and reduce the space taken by footnotes, I opted for placing all the original sources in a separate chapter at the end of the book. Each quotation carries a cross reference capital letter, which will lead the interested reader to the foreign language source.

Over the years, many teachers have been using some of my published articles in support of their courses on guitar history. While this book does not pretend to fill the need for a college level guitar history textbook, the information contained herein could certainly enhance the teacher’s search for relevant historical data."


  • Model: H- 16412 / RTFT-17
  • Manufactured by: Editions Orphee
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9780936186009

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