Forman | Jazz Band Rhythm Guitar

Forman | Jazz Band Rhythm Guitar

Model: 7012 / MB97022 UPC: 796279048330 ISBN: 9780786633890
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Information needed to function within a jazz band. It is important to understand that while jazz is played on the same instruments as other types of music, it has its own language. This book deals with specific jazz idioms: swing, shuffle, bebop and Latin. A basic working knowledge of the guitar through rock, blues, or folk music, (including barre chords), will produce gratifying results. Knowledge of the note locations on all strings, (especially the E and A strings) and a working understanding of the relationship of all the notes on the various strings will make the information in this book immediately accessible. The book also provides information on how to interpret a jazz chart. The clarity and insight of this method, makes it a must have for any big band performer.

Format: Book
Series: Non-Series
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 7/22/1999


  • Model: 7012 / MB97022
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 796279048330
  • ISBN: 9780786633890

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