Fossa | Cinq Contre Danses for solo guitar

Fossa | Cinq Contre Danses for solo guitar

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Extraites des Operas de Rossini et deux Valses favorites, Op. 8

Francois de Fossa

The seven short pieces in this work for solo guitar are arrangements of abstracts from operas by Rossini. However, with the exception of the last piece, these pieces cannot be identified as originating in any of the operas by Rossini. They may have been composed by de Fossa himself, or he may have taken them from one or more unidentified composers. The only piece in this collection that can be safely identified as coming from a Rossini opera is a duet aria from the first act, third scene of The Barber of Seville, where Figaro explains to Count Almaviva where he has his barber shop and what he can see in the shop window. Compositions by Rossini have been arranged by many guitarist composers. The Barber of Seville has been named “the greatest of all operas” and it is understandable that others have made versions for use at home and the concert stage. The original key is G but this instrumental guitar version is in A.

The group of five contredanses or quadrilles were short ballroom dances that were popular in Paris during the First Empire, from 1804 till 1814. Each piece had a predefined time signature and structure. The dances were introduced later in England, then in Germany, and finally in Vienna around 1840. Over the years, the set of dances has developed from originally five to six but the basis was primarily kept in this order:

Pantalon (trousers), adapted from a naughty French song;

L’Ete (the summer);

Poule (chicken), the music imitating the sounds of chicken;

Pastourelle, from the French ballad Gentille Pastourelle by Collinet;


For advanced players.

Editions Orphee PWYS-105


  • Model: 11574 / 494-02884
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New

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