Gitlin / Shlapobersky (strings & organs) | Praise Him CD
Gitlin / Shlapobersky (strings & organs) | Praise Him CD

Gitlin / Shlapobersky (strings & organs) | Praise Him CD

Model: 14837 / praise him
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Oleg Gitlin, balalaika
Genady Shlapobersky, guitar

Genre: Spiritual: Instrumental Gospel
Release Date: 2010

This album contains Christian Hymns known the World Over like Silent Night, How Great Thou Art and more, intermingled with Traditional Jewish Prayers , Popular Israeli music like Yerushalaim Yerushalaim Shel Zahav and Messianic and Russian melodies.


1. Silent Night / How Great Thou Art 5:07
2. Shalom Aleichem Malachei HaSharet (Peace to you Ministering Angels)/ Od Ishama BeHarei Yehuda(There will yet be heard in the cities of Judah) 3:26
3. Sing Them Over Again to Me / Speak Just a Word for Jesus / Come to the Savior 5:46
4. I Need You My Savior. / I Love Your House O Lord 5:20
5. There Shall be Showers of / I will Enter in His Gates 4:02
6. Adonai Li Lo Ira (The Lord is for me I will not fear / Halelu et Adonai Praise the Lord 4:00
7. If We Don't Have the Gift of Love / How Blessed and Happy I am 4:48
8. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)./ Al Col Ele( For all of these ) / Tzena Tzena (Come out come out). 6:30
9. Great Love of Jesus. / I Will Sing and Praise You 4:46


  • Model: 14837 / praise him
  • Manufactured by: Meitarei, Nefesh (Genady
  • Condition: New
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