Gordon | Royale Rhythms & Accents for solo guitar | PDF download

Gordon | Royale Rhythms & Accents for solo guitar | PDF download

Model: JG 2-212 - DL
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Complete Collection of Royale Rhythms and Accents for solo guitar
Composer: Jay Gordon
Published by Little Boat Music
25 pages
includes Performance Notes

The individual movement titles for this collection comes from place names on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. This is not a suite and the pieces are not musically connected in any way, but the titles do suggest relations. There is a sense of dance and motor rhythm in many of the pieces.

The list of movements are:
1. Intro & Inner Reef
2. Dead Horse Rocks
3. Starvation Point
4. Mount Desor
5. Ollie's Dogs Rocks
6. Little Boat

Inner Reef acts as an introduction to the Isle Royale Rhythms and Accents collection (and it has an introduction of sorts itself). Inner Reef is made up of an ostinato on the open bass strings with shifting chromatic harmonies and a martial melody above it. Dramatic tension exists between the stasis of the ostinato and the forward moving energy of the other elements.

Dead Horse Rocks is a light and humorous piece with a near steady pulse throughout.

Starvation Point is a ruminative and dense work, almost spooky. Its use of natural harmonics allows for some four-tone minor 2nd harmonies that are usually impossible to do on guitar.

Mount Desor has a courtly, even militaristic pulse with huge far-reaching open-voiced harmonies. It's a short piece, but meant to feel monolithic, like the bump in the landscape it is on Isle Royale.

Ollie's Dogs Rocks starts with material borne of the whole-tone scale and quickly moves into energetic dance like harmonic gestures. The first page looks very serious, but it's essentially playful music.

Little Boat has an innocent main theme of just a few simple chords. The contrasting 2nd theme is chromatic and more highly developed lending the work a sense of balance.

Jay Gordon
Excelsior, Minnesota


  • Model: JG 2-212 - DL
  • Manufactured by: Gordon, Jay
  • Condition: New
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