Goss | Minimal Effort for guitars ensemble
Goss | Minimal Effort for guitars ensemble

Goss | Minimal Effort for guitars ensemble

Model: DO 1308 UPC: 9782897960872 ISBN: 9782897960872
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Composer: Stephen Goss
Model: DO 1308
Instrumentation: Guitars ensemble
Level: Advanced
32 pages + separate parts The guitar ensemble should be made up of at least 16 players.
Publisher: Doberman

The panoramic landscapes and overpowering dry heat of the Arizona desert provided the starting point for Minimal Effort. The opening evokes daybreak – the dawn chorus and distant sounds of insects and desert creatures accompanied by light wind. The final section is the Arizona night sky – clear and full of stars, harmonics suggesting the constellations.

The title also draws on the minimal effort that is required to play the guitar efficiently. David Russell is a regular visitor to Tucson and some of his technical exercises for playing with ease have found their way into the piece.

Between the framing evocations of the desert, the piece explores a number of overlapping soundscapes and minimalist textures. Gradually, the chaotic rhythm of the opening becomes more and more focussed and agitated, until the piece reaches its climax with loud pizzicato bass notes and high repeating chords. After the climax dissolves, the music slowly transforms into a multi-layered soundworld similar to the opening.


  • Model: DO 1308
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782897960872
  • ISBN: 9782897960872
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