Goss | The Autumn Song for cello (or flute) and piano

Goss | The Autumn Song for cello (or flute) and piano

Model: DO 891 ISBN: 9782895036661
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Composer : GOSS, Stephen
Advanced level
12 p. + separated parts
Instrumentation: Cello (or flute) and piano

The Autumn Song is roughly based on various ancient Chinese poems and stories about the parting of lovers. Specifically, due to the male partner having to go and serve in the building or guarding of the Great Wall of China. The music evokes the melancholic character of loss – in particular, that quality of ambiguity caused by the fact that neither partner knows if the loss is temporary or permanent. Originally for cello and guitar, The Autumn Song was commissioned by Natalie Clein and Xuefei Yang who gave the first performance at the Macau Festival, China, on 13th October 2009. This version for cello and piano, The Autumn Song II, was commissioned by Lionel Handy and Nigel Clayton for performances in 2010.

Stephen Goss © 2011


  • Model: DO 891
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9782895036661
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