Hannabach EXCLUSIVE MT 6th string (E) EXCL6MT

Hannabach EXCLUSIVE MT 6th string (E) EXCL6MT

Model: EXCL6MT UPC: 4250442830079
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  • Product Type: Single String
  • Tension: Medium
  • Classical Single String #: 6
  • Diameter (in.) / Gauge: 0.043
  • Diameter (mm) / Gauge: 1.0922
  • Single String Wound Material: Silver Plated


Hannabach Classical Guitar Strings

Hannabach EXCLUSIVE MT 6th string (E) EXCL6MT - .043 in.

The most exclusive string set ever to be made by Hannabach Classical Guitar Strings

This set originates from the contribution and help of renowned musicians who worked together with us to create this perfect combination of material in an exclusive set.

The Hannabach Classical Exclusive line combines our admired traditional craftsmanship with high-tech materials and technology.

- For standard scale 65cm
- Quick tuning
- Easy grip and chords due to different inner material

Item # Note Gauge (in) Gauge (mm) Tension (lb) Tension (kg) Material
EXCL6MT E/6th .043 1,10 15.43 7,0 Exclusive


  • Model: EXCL6MT
  • Manufactured by: Hannabach
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 4250442830079
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