IK Multimedia - Amplitube Metal DUO - Download

IK Multimedia - Amplitube Metal DUO - Download

Model: Amplitube Metal DUO -SWD

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Amplitube 4 Metal DUO Bundle

Plug into a Mesa/Boogie® amp and it will change your ideas about tone and your playing forever. Seriously, it really will. From the moment you first plug into a MESA, you’ll experience a new level of responsiveness in feel and nuance in sound and quickly understand why MESA has always referred to their amplifiers as “Instruments”… because they are!

  • Standalone and plug-in software for Mac/PC
  • 5 of the most influential guitar amps of all time
  • 5 original matching cabinets
  • Incredible tonal flexibility: mix and match amps, cabinets, mics and more


  • Model: Amplitube Metal DUO -SWD
  • Manufactured by: IK Multimedia
  • Condition: New
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