Strings By Mail is a great site with accessories that aren't readily available in walk-in music stores. I had done extensive research on the ErgoPlay hoping to find it in a store but opted to order here. The price was decent, but really sold it for me was the shipping price! I didn't feel like I was being gouged based on the number of items I bought; ONE FLAT RATE! Imagine that! After securing my order on a Sunday, I expected to receive my items in about seven days. When I checked my status, I saw that everything had been shipped the following business day and I received my order on Wednesday. I appreciate the speediness and fair rates of Strings By Mail and would highly recommend any guitarist shop here. The only set back is that you don't seem to have a review page for your excellent customer service!

(SBM - We do now!)
Testimonial By: Ling — California

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