Kolb | Connecting Pentatonic Patterns

Kolb | Connecting Pentatonic Patterns

Model: 25788 | HL00696445 UPC: 884088516239 ISBN: 9781423496281
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Format: Softcover Audio Online – TAB
Author: Tom Kolb

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns - The Essential Guide for All Guitarists

If you've been finding yourself trapped in the pentatonic box, then Connecting Pentatonic Patterns is for you! This hands-on instructional book with online audio access offers examples for guitar players of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The only prerequisites are a basic understanding of the minor pentatonic scale and a desire to expand your fretboard horizons. Study this book faithfully, and soon you'll be soloing all over the neck with the greatest of ease. The online audio includes demonstrations of every example in the book, plus jam tracks for practicing! Audio can be downloaded or streamed according to personal preference.

146 pages


  • Model: 25788 | HL00696445
  • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 884088516239
  • ISBN: 9781423496281
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