Libros De Musica Para Vihuela 1536-1576 CD-ROM

Libros De Musica Para Vihuela 1536-1576 CD-ROM

Model: 4870 / CD-ROM001 ISBN: 84-95609-41-x
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The first complete digital edition in facsimile of the seven printed books of vihuela music, published in Spain between 1536 and 1576 by the Spanish vihuelists Milan, Narvaez, Mudarra, Fuenllana, Pisador, Valderrabano and Daza. This collection provides direct access to each piece from the general index of the seven books and includes colour reproductions of all the pages containing red tablature in the originals, allowing the vocal line to be followed. An exhaustive study by Gerardo Arriaga is also included. CD-ROM is designed for Windows only (95-98-2000-XP), but all PDF files can still be viewed on MAC.

For WIN 7,8 & 10 operating systems, open drive, find vihuelistas.exe. Right click and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility. Follow prompts to open as WIN XP.

CD-ROM for PC/WINDOWS (95-98-2000-XP)

CD-ROM001 Opera Tres

This is music from the era of Shakespeare.

Referenced in our 2017 Anniversaries article by Irene Gomez.


  • Model: 4870 / CD-ROM001
  • Manufactured by: Opera Tres
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 84-95609-41-x

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