Making A Living in Your Local Music Market

Making A Living in Your Local Music Market

Model: 6825 / HL00332907 UPC: 9781423484509 ISBN: 1423484509
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Realizing Your Marketing Potential
Revised and Updated Fourth Edition
Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Medium: Softcover

Author: Dick Weissman

This newly updated book is an invaluable resource for the musician or aspiring musician who lives outside the major music business markets. The author has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and Portland, Oregon, and he details the differences in strategies that a musician can use to make a living outside the mainstream music marketplaces. This book shows you how to expand and develop your skills as a musician and composer right in your own backyard. It explores topics relevant to musicians on every level: Why should a band have an agreement? How can you determine whether a personal manager is right for you? Are contests worth entering? What trade publications are the most useful? Why copyright your songs?

Pages: 272


  • Model: 6825 / HL00332907
  • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781423484509
  • ISBN: 1423484509
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