Mare Duo | Wallace - Gargoyles CD

Mare Duo | Wallace - Gargoyles CD

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Romantic and virtuosic, you will be stunned at the sheer beauty and lyrical nature of the classical mandolin in combination with guitar.
Mare Duo: Annika Hinsche and Fabian Hinsche
and friends: Anne Wolf, Kristina Lisner, Melanie Hunger, Thomas Kolarczyk Composer: Frank Wallace
Genre: Classical: Contemporary
Release Date: 2014


1. Gargoyles 7:31
2. Nocturne 6:22
3. 1) Chaos in the Land of Cameliard, The Coming of Arthur 12:46
4. 2) Arthur on the Flaming Wave, The Coming of Arthur 3:52
5. 3) With a Wink his Dream was Changed, The Coming of Arthur 6:27
6. White Albatross 7:47
7. Night Owl, Part I 4:20
8. Night Owl, Part II 4:27
9. 1) North Branch, New England Quartets 2:59
10. 2) Loveren Mill, New England Quartets 1:47
11. 3) Monadnock, New England Quartets 4:54

"Frank’s music tells stories. He draws inspiration from what is around him, natural scenes near his home or abroad, literature, art or music from many lands and times. With this CD, featuring the design work of artist Nancy Knowles, we would like to introduce an excerpt of his world that is also connected closely to us, to a larger audience. We hope that the CD conveys the versatility, colorfulness and richness of Frank’s music. His compositions for mandolin use the instrument in full range just as did the great virtuosos Calace and Kuwahara. His knowledge of the guitar, its sonorities and hidden beauties, shows a life of devotion to the instrument, its predecessors, and to music in general." — Annika and Fabian Hinsche (Mare Duo)

"Listening to Mare Duo in 2008 in the beautiful acoustics of Gordon Chapel in Boston, I was stunned at the flexibility, beauty and lyrical nature of the mandolin. Annika’s passionate lyricism, expressed through a flawless tremolo, surpassed my prior experience of the instrument. When they asked me to write for them, it was their obvious joy in rhythmic strums combined with Fabian’s rich guitar sound, and the elegance of their musical presence that gave rise to my work The Coming of Arthur. When I came to what I thought was the end of Arthur, I immediately realized it was only the first movement, that I had many more ideas of sound to explore for this combination of instruments and musicians. And the collaboration went on from there, as you shall hear…

Medieval gargoyles seem to represent two sides of humanity – fear and love. They frighten us away, and yet seem to say, “ Enter! (If ye dare.)” They are ugly by design, but beautiful in their intensity. In fact it is often the most grotesque that fascinate and inspire. But if we are to enter the sacred space, we must face the gargoyles. My grandfather wrote, “Grin at the thing that bothers you and it will laugh with you.” Do we not all have “gargoyles” in our lives, persons that challenge with their brash or ugly manners, yet in knowing them we grow? Or are they right here inside, and on occasion burst to the surface to scare us?

I thank Annika and Fabian for their incredible artistry and faith in my work as composer and producer. I also thank Anne for her gracious hosting of my stay in Germany as well as her fabulous playing; and Kristina, Melanie and Thomas without whom this recording would have half the sound and richness."

Frank Wallace


  • Model: 14863 / 10202
  • Manufactured by: Gyre (wallace)
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 802442102027

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