Mauro Giuliani | The Complete Rossiniane 3CD set

Mauro Giuliani | The Complete Rossiniane 3CD set

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by Giuliani for solo guitar opp. 119-124, and six pot-pourris, and the Gran Sonata Eroica op. 150

Performed by Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on guitars of the period.


Rossiniana I op.119
Pot-Pourri I op.18
Rossiniana II op.120
Pot-Pourri II op.26
Grande Ouverture op.61

Rossiniana III op.121
Pot-Pourri III op.28
Rossiniana IV op.122
Pot-Pourri IV op.31

Rossiniana V op.123
Pot-Pourri V op.42
Rossiniana VI op.124
Pot-Pourri VI op.108
Gran Sonata Eroica op.150

We also carry sheet music for Giuliani's Le Rossiniana.


  • Model: 7931 / BRI93686 / WR0010 **d/c
  • Manufactured by: Naxos/Tecla
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 842977036862

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