Muro | Alma Brasileira - Brazilian Soul - Vol. 2 CD

Muro | Alma Brasileira - Brazilian Soul - Vol. 2 CD

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This CD is the second of a planned series of five CD's. The disc explores an exiting variety of rhythms including Sambas, Samba-Cancao, Valsas (Waltz), classical and choros., by the greatest Brazilian composers such at Carlos Lyra, A.C. Jobim, Canhoto, Pixinguinha, Garoto and of course Baden Powell. It is his finest album produced to date (#5), exploring different moods from exciting sambas, jazzy inflections to romantic and sentimental melodies and classical style, illustrating his dazzling and sensitive technique.

Alfredo Muro proves there are no frontiers between classical and pop music. He glides, in a very elegant way, between the two types, from Villa-Lobos Prelude#3 to Tom Jobim (Eu Se que Vou te Amar), from Joao Pernambuco (Sons de Carrilhoes) to Luiz Bonfa (Manha de Carnaval). I am honored he included two of my songs on his Alma Brasileira Vol.2, and I listen to them with as much delight as I listen to the other songs. Congratulations, Alfredo, for your good taste, technique and sensibility." Carlos Lyra

1. INFLUENCIA DO JAZZ Carlos Lyra 3:50
2. MINHA NAMORADA Carlos Lyra 5:11
3. ABISMO DAS ROSAS Canhoto 3:57
4. LAMENTOS DO MORRO Garoto 4:54
5. ROSA Pixinguinha 5:47
6. CHARA Baden Powell 3:29
7. SONIDO DE CARRILHOES Pernambuco 3:01
8. MANHA DE CARNAVAL Luiz Bonfa 4:03
9. UM ABRACO NO BONFA Joao Gilberto 2:40
10. SAUDADES DE MARCIA Baden Powell 2:42
11. PRELUDIO #3 Heitor Villa-Lobos 2:57
12. EU SEI QUE VOU TE AMAR Antonio Carlos Jobim 4:36
13. SAMBA NOVO Baden Powell 4:05
14. ACALANTO DAS NONAS Baden Powell 4:40

Total Running Time: 55:57

"Great spirited music and very fine playing"
-John, SBM Staff


  • Model: 6062 / 03342
  • Manufactured by: Alfredo Muro
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 672617033421
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