Onymyrrhe Natural Nail Growth Accelerator 1/2oz

Onymyrrhe Natural Nail Growth Accelerator 1/2oz

Model: Onymyrrhe UPC: 856480001033
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We're sorry, but this item is no longer available from the manufacturer.
Nailtiques is a great product that's available.

* Nail Strengthener
* Nail Growth Accelerator

Onymyrrhe, for Natural Nails, is an all natural myrrh plant extract. Onymyrrhe promises stronger, faster growing nails in just sixteen weeks, or your money back. Signs of improvement can be noticed within 4 weeks.

Onymyrrhe is different from all other Nail Strengtheners. Onymyrrhe is applied once daily, to the matrix - where the nail is alive and growing. It will cause your nails to grow twice as fast and twice as thick, from the root outward, and it's unconditionally guaranteed.

To further explain, Onymyrrhe is not applied directly to the nail, it is applied to the matrix area of the nail. This is the area of skin between the knuckle closest to the cuticle and the cuticle. After application, you massage and rub it in. After massaging, it is perfectly fine to rinse off the solution without affecting the way it works.
Used daily, a 1/2 oz. Bottle of Onymyrrhe will last approximately 4 months.


  • Model: Onymyrrhe
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 856480001033

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