Perez | A Flor de Llanto - South American Music For Guitar CD

Perez | A Flor de Llanto - South American Music For Guitar CD

Model: 24676 / CD1042-ope UPC: 8425419010426
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Guitar works by the Paraguayan composer Agustín Barrios (1885-1944), the Argentinian Abel Fleury (1903-1958) and the world premiere recording of a selection of traditional Chilean pieces arranged by Carlos Pérez.
Publisher: Opera Tres
Item sku code: CD1042-ope
Instrumentation: solo classical guitar

Track listing:
01. A Flor de Llanto, Abel Fleury
02. Chamame, Abel Fleury
03. El Tostao, Abel Fleury
04. Trinos y Alas, Abel Fleury
05. Vidalita, Abel Fleury
06. Te vas Milonga, Abel Fleury
07. Pegando la Vuelta, Abel Fleury
08. Lejanía, Abel Fleury
09. Mudanzas, Abel Fleury
10. Preludio en Sol Menor, Op. 5 No. 1, Agustín Barrios
11. Aire de Zamba, Agustín Barrios
12. Pericon, Agustín Barrios
13. Estilo Uruguayo, Agustín Barrios
14. Don Pérez Freire, Agustín Barrios
15. Caazzapa, Agustín Barrios
16. Maxixa, Agustín Barrios
17. Dónde estás prenda querida, Traditional Chilean
18. Ya se casaron los novios, Traditional Chilean
19. Los patos en la laguna, Traditional Chilean
20. La pajarera, Traditional Chilean
21. El tonto de la palmatoria, Traditional Chilean
22. Prendado de tu lindura, Traditional Chilean
23. La luna estaba en el cielo, Traditional Chilean
24. Rosa y azahar, Traditional Chilean
25. Me Considero en la gloria, Traditional Chilean


  • Model: 24676 / CD1042-ope
  • Manufactured by: Opera Tres
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 8425419010426
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