Peros | 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar
Peros | 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar

Peros | 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar

Model: DZ 2836 UPC: 9782897377533 ISBN: 9782897377533
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Composer: Nick Peros
Model: DZ 2836
Instrumentation: Solo Guitar
Level: Advanced
48 pages
Publisher: d'Oz Publications

A nocturne is a piece of music that is meant to evoke the quality of night. And yet, in what at first seems like a limited definition, there remains a wide opportunity for a great range of expression. The first nocturnes, as the form is commonly understood today, were composed by Irish composer John Field (1782-1837) and defined the form as short character pieces for piano, with the peak of the Romantic nocturne form being realized by Chopin in his 21 Nocturnes for solo piano. In fact, the great majority of nocturnes composed since are works for solo piano, with a lesser repertoire composed for orchestra, and with only a small nocturne repertoire composed for other solo or accompanied instruments. One of the very few nocturnes for solo guitar were composed by Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856) whose 3 Nocturnes for Guitar, Op. 4 were published in 1840. Apart from Mertz’s early works, there have since been very few nocturne compositions for solo guitar. These 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar by composer Nick Peros are perhaps the most expansive collection written for the instrument and showcase the guitar as an instrument perfectly suited for the form.

The expressive range of these 24 Nocturnes is varied and wide, ranging from the fiery passion of No. 1, or the storm of No. 11, to the lyrical sweetness of No. 8 and No. 23, and the sense of haunting, almost ominous mystery of No. 6. Varying and differing shades of nocturnal mystery are expressed in Nos. 3, 5, 7 & 9, with No. 7 coloured by the subtle tonal purity of string harmonics. No. 12 is characterized by a wistful melancholic beauty, with No. 13 being almost a conversation of modalities, while No. 14 and No. 18 unfold respectively as a passionate and subtle drama. Like No. 6, Nocturne No. 20 is very much a chordal piece but in this case all harmonies are heard over a constant pedal tone with the beginning of the work characterized by sweet chordal sonorities, which, as the piece progresses, move into more intense chromatic territory before closing on the original note. Nocturne No. 4 combines swirling passion with moments of peaceful repose, while other works in this set, such as No. 2, No. 15 and No. 16, are characterized by a unique, almost ineffable quality, with No. 16 evoking harp-like sonorities punctuated with wonderful splashes of harmonic colour, setting the stage perfectly for the peaceful beauty of No. 17. Nocturne No. 10 takes us on a suggestive, searching journey, with swells of passion along the way, while the melody of No. 19 leads through engaging harmonic changes. The mysterious beauty of No. 21 seems summed up in the evocative three-note phrase that precedes the da capo section and is heard again in the final coda, while No. 22 opens with a reflective tone that moves into a fiery and passionate middle section. This collection of Nocturnes concludes as the tender lullaby quality of No. 24 brings the set to a quiet, gentle close.

Throughout all of these pieces, the rich sonorities of the guitar, with its wide tonal palette, beautifully evoke the broad range of nocturnal expression. This recording of Peros’ 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar, together with the publication of the complete score by publisher Les Productions d’OZ, helps to lay an important foundation for the guitar as an eminent instrument for the modern nocturne form.

Ron Beckett

Nocturne 1

Nocturne 13

Nocturne 23

Nocturne 5


  • Model: DZ 2836
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782897377533
  • ISBN: 9782897377533

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