Piazzolla | Libertango for Flute und Guitar

Piazzolla | Libertango for Flute und Guitar

Model: 1908 / EM5312 ISBN: 9780786663880
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Composer: Astor Piazzolla "Libertango stands for the freedom which I allow for my musicians. Their limits are defined solely by the extent of their own capabilities and not through any exterior pressure." - Astor Piazzolla. Piazzolla wrote the Libertango for his Octeto Nuevo de Buenos Aires which he formed after returning from Paris in 1954 "determined more than ever before to treat the tango as music." An absolute music, based on the melodic, harmonic, and above all, the rhythmical qualities of the tango, frees it from the socially defined context of its origins at the beginning of this century.

6 pages
Editions Margauxx


  • Model: 1908 / EM5312
  • Manufactured by: Edition Margaux
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780786663880

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