Piorkowski | Musique d'amitié for flute and guitar
Piorkowski | Musique d'amitié for flute and guitar

Piorkowski | Musique d'amitié for flute and guitar

Model: D- 7600 / CNP74290
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Publication's Style: Soft Cover - Score and Parts
Composer: James Piorkowski
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
General Description: Contemporary Guitar and Flute Duet

"The piece is quite a dramatic work with moments of tragedy and pathos suddenly changing temperament to reveal a passionate and intense characteristic side of the music. As the 'modern' work in any formal recital this would fit the bill wonderfully, but both players will have to be of a high standard to bring off a convincing rendition of this work." Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine (U.K.)

Musique d'amitie ('friendship music') was composed for my friend and colleague, flautist Susan Royal, in 2005. My approach was, at times, to create a slightly "out-of-phase" relationship between the flute and guitar, both harmonically and rhythmically, and then eventually reconcile the music at key arrival points throughout the episodic journey.

The character of the piece ranges from the plaintive introduction, to imitative dialogues between the instruments, through dramatic fiery passages, and eventually to the tender adagio, which brings the music to an introspective close. Susan Royal - Flute & James Piorkowski - Guitar


  • Model: D- 7600 / CNP74290
  • Manufactured by: CNP-Consignment
  • Condition: New
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