Pop's Bass Rosin

Pop's Bass Rosin

Model: RS-P | 810825 UPC: 679965123538
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Pop's Bass Rosin

This rosin was created by Len "Pops" Manno, who played double bass with the Houston Symphony for 41 years. It is made in Houston, Texas where the rosin is hand-mixed in small batches for high quality control and clear purity, and finally packaged in an eco-safe, airtight container and sold by weight -- 1.13 oz. per cake. For over 40 years, it has been distributed to bass players worldwide!

This small family business keeps all precision factory equipment up-to-date to enable the original "recipe" to be adhered to exactly so that quality control is not compromised in any way. This assures that the rosin maintains the original characteristics that makes it such a desired rosin among bass players.

The rosin is very popular worldwide because it has unique qualities that enable the bow to really "grab" the string and make a very pleasing sound. So many of the players -- particularly symphony, ensemble, and solo artists -- use Pops' for this reason. Of course, the exact ingredients and the "recipe" are Top Secret.


  • Model: RS-P | 810825
  • Manufactured by: Pop's Products, Inc.
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 679965123538
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