Pritchard | 6 Pieces for Guitar Solo, Classical Guitar

Pritchard | 6 Pieces for Guitar Solo, Classical Guitar

Model: 26374 / MB22038 UPC: 796279110716 ISBN: 0786682256
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New compositions for solo classic guitar by acclaimed guitarist and composer, David Pritchard. All solos are in standard notation.

"In addition to all the music I've written over the past twenty years for multiple acoustic guitars, I have on occasion felt inspired to write a smaller number of pieces for just one guitar. Exploring a meditative feel was my motivation for writing "A Pale View," "A Silent Dream," and "Restoration." "A Silent Dream" can be played either as a solo piece or it can be enhanced by having another guitarist play the second part. "Arundo" is basically a right hand study piece, alternating between two patterns both in different meters, while "Orb Weaver" is primarily a Latin rhythm study with much syncopation, alternating simply between two chords. "Coryza" was written with the acoustic steel string in mind using DADGAD tuning.

A Pale View
A Silent Dream
A Silent Dream (Optional 2nd Guitar Part)
Orb Weaver

Product Number: 22038
Format: Book
Skill Level: Intermediate
Notation Type: Standard Notation
Pages: 24
Binding: Perfect Binding
Size: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 0-7866-8225-6
UPC: 796279110716
ISBN13: 978-07866-8225-6
Publisher: Bill's Music Shelf
Date Published: 2/22/201


  • Model: 26374 / MB22038
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 796279110716
  • ISBN: 0786682256

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